Items for sale.

2 Goodyear 225/55HR17 tires and 2 B.F.Goodrich Comp TA P245/50HR17 tires.

One New set of bumper chrome panels for 1975 to 1989 Mercedes-Benz SL.

Various automotive magazines from the 1970's and 1980's, including Motor Trend, Road and Track, Hot Rod, Autoweek, and others, including the 25th Anniversary issue of Hot Rod.

XK8's were not equiped with tubular exhaust headers.
XK8's were built with iron exhaust manifolds just like the ones found on American cars in the 1960's with cast iron V8 engines. So, why didn't XK8's come with tubular exhaust headers rather than the restrictive exhaust manifolds? Two reasons. First, since most of Jaguar's production is luxury 4 door sedans, and tubular exhaust headers do not absorb engine noise and vibration like iron exhaust manifolds do, so for luxury 4 door sedans, the iron log shaped exhaust manifolds were preferrable.  The second reason is that Ford Motor Co. wanted Jaguar to be lower status than Aston Martin, which is why the Aston Martin with this engine does have tubular exhaust headers.

Performance modifications.
A set of tubular exhaust headers to replace the stock exhaust manifolds would give a big boost in performance. I don't know if the stock exhaust headers used on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage will fit the Jaguar XK8 chassis. A picture of these can be seen at;
The factory part numbers for these Aston Martin V8 Vantage exhaust headers are 6G33-5G236-BC for the right side and 6G33-5G232-BB for the left side and the factory prices are $1616.49 and $1432.55(prices correct in July 2008).

A set of lowering springs like the H & R part no. 29782, available through Tire Rack and other outlets, lowers the XK8 1.5 inches, giving it a sportier look, and they are very reasonably priced.

Transmission control modules are available that will allow you to pick your own shift points.  Doing an internet search, I have come across a unit produced by Powertrain Control Solutions, LLC listed at a price of $750. Their web site is which list their phone no. is 804-752-6025. Others are also on the market at higher prices. 

Are there any large consumer run organizations to protect our right to use natural health supplements?
With the Big Money Interests out to outlaw natural health supplements and organic  fruits and vegetables, why isn't there a large organization to protect our rights like the way the National Rifle Association protects our right to bear arms. Shouldn't there be such a large organization to protect our rights to obtain natural health supplements when these natural health supplements have been prescribed by medicine men, shaman and  healers for thousands of years now.

Replacing water pump on Jaguar XK8.
Although the original water pump on the early XK8's is a poor design, replacing it with a new one is very simple, and new water pumps for the XK8 are under $100. The water pump is located at the top of the front of the engine, and could not be easier to get at. The plastic covers over the top of the engine just clip on, and pull right off. Just remember it is an aluminum engine so only tighten the screws holding the water pump on, to the recommended torque of  96 to 108 inch/lbs.