James Denno Consulting

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Rancho Santa Margarita

CA 92688

Telephone:       +1 949 459 8394

E-mail: eurowest@jamesdenno.com

Consulting Services.
My creative thinking is very unique, and you won't find the same type of creative solutions from anyone else.  So, if you require this level of consulting, and you can afford my services, then please contact me.
Eurowest-Jaguar XJS
If you have any questions about the 1987 Eurowest-Jaguar XJS convertible, then you need to contact me.
Barter system.
Please contact me with any idea's you have to  offer in the area of bartering for my services or for  items I have for sale.

If you need to learn more about the Aston Martin DB7, I can point you to the proper Jaguar XJS websites.
Although the Aston Martin is a restyled Jaguar XJS and they both shared the Jaguar AJ6 6-cylinder, The V12 engine used in the Jaguar XJS was designed as a V12 from the very start, while the V12 used in the Aston Martin DB7 is basically two inexpensive Ford Contour Duratek V6 engines stuck end to end, but cast as one engine block. This inexpensive Ford Duratek V12 is still installed in new Aston Martins, while the Jaguar V12 engine used in the XJS will never be built again.