The loneliest experience in the world.

Attending a 1987 Eurowest-Jaguar XJS Convertible owners club meeting is the loneliest experience in the world because there is only one. When you are the owner of the 1987 Eurowest-Jaguar XJS Convertible, you are the 1987 Eurowest-Jaguar XJS Convertible owners club president, treasurer,  secretary, etc., as well as being the only member.

1987 Eurowest-Jaguar XJS Preservation Society.

At the present, I am the chairman of the  1987 Eurowest-Jaguar XJS Convertible Preservation Society. The Preservation Society is of course necessary because the 1987  Eurowest-Jaguar XJS Convertible is an endangered species with only one known to have survived.

Replacing the water pump on a Jaguar XK8 is very easy and less than $100.
The water pump on an XK8 is at the top of the front of the engine and could not be easier to get at.  You can buy a new water pump for the XK8 for less than $100. 

Natural health info.

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